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Basketball Tryouts

Students interested in participating in basketball at JFK, the first day of tryouts is Monday March 22, 2021. Students will need the following items in order to participate. A physical (for 6th grade students or students that did not participate in athletics last year) or a NMAA Examination Waiver Form for 7th and 8th grade students that participated last year. A signed Covid release waiver. Completion of the NFHS Concussion course and all students must be academically eligible based off of the the students first semester grades. All athletic paperwork must be submitted to Ms. Garcia in the JFK discipline office and students must have all items before they can begin to participate. The last day for students to go out for basketball will be March 23. Finally, students must message Mr. Wargo in Teams to get on the list of students trying out. If you do not get on the list, you will not be allowed to try out. For any questions on basketball, please contact JFK Principal Steven Wargo at 721-3120. Thank you.
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Friday School

Friday February 26th JFK Middle School will be open for in-person learning for students that want to attend on Fridays. Classes will be both in person and on line from 9:10 am until 1:00 pm (Buses will run at 1:30 after lunch) and attendance is being taken . Friday learning is designed to allow for students to meet with teachers to get extra help, and to make up missing assignments. Your students buses will still run at the same time in the morning on Fridays and your student can still attend virtually. For more information on Friday classes, please contact us at JFK Mid School at 721-3100. Thank you.

JFK Bus Routes

Here is a list of all the busses that serve JFK middle school
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JFK Student Recognition!

JFK Middle School would like to recognize the following students for their great classroom efforts as well well as their positive attitude during this school year! 6th graders, Taylor Cardy, Kayllian Lewis, Darius Tom and Desean Six. 7th graders: Bradley Begay, Alyssa Silversmith and Angelo Zepeda 8th graders, Janelle Hudson, Emily Smith and Summer Rain Louie Students will receive JFK swag items such as JFK book bags, JFK water bottles, JFK lanyards or wrist bracelets. Students will be selected every other week based off of classroom effort, positive attitude as well as participation. We are proud of our students efforts and want to reward them for their hard work. We look forward to recognizing more students in two more weeks!
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Athletics to begin soon at JFK!!!

Cross Country and Volleyball will begin at Kennedy starting at 4 pm on February 22. Please call us at JFK at 721-3100 if you plan on participating. All athletes must have either a physical of file (6th grade) or a NMAA Pre-participation examination waiver form along with a completed GMCS Covid-19 Waiver release form in order to be allowed to participate. Please see the link on this page to have access to the forms. Students will also be required to wear approved masks/faceware, social distance and follow all safety and health protocols when practicing and participating. Students will also need to be academically eligible in order to participate (a 2.0 grade point average without any F grades from the first semester) and have completed the mandatory concussion course students took during the first semester. For practices, student athletes will need to bring a water bottle and come dressed ready for practice. Students will not have access to any locker rooms at JFK. For any other questions on athletics, please contact us at JFK at 721-3100. Thank you.

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Mission Statement

It is our mission in the Gallup McKinley County School District to prepare our students for success. We empower and develop our students through Building knowledge Promoting essential skills and positive character traits providing safe and healthy learning environments and creating strong partnerships with parents, schools and communities